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Carolyn Morgan,

Real Estate Agent

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Carolyn was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario - or as she calls it - the real deal of "I'm heading up North for the weekend". Carolyn attended Lakehead University graduating with a Bachelor of Education. After more than a year of teaching Carolyn decided she was not yet ready for a "real job" and set her sights on getting paid to travel the world.


This goal led her to a life of fun, adventure and travel living and working onboard luxury cruise ships with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Carolyn grew up travelling internationally with her parents and this was a natural extension of her zest for all things travel. From the Artic Circle to the Equator, Estonia to Iceland, Alaska to Australia, Malaysia to Morocco, Croatia to Costa Rica, her dream was realized. Living and working in small quarters with crew members from over 50 countries and welcoming guests onboard from around world - Carolyn honed her strong interpersonal, communication and mediation skills.


Carolyn then set her sights on finding a role that combined her two loves - education and travel. Making her way to Toronto after accepting a role at EF Education - the world's largest private education company fulfilled her goal of helping young people see the world. Working in the Educational Tours division Carolyn held various Roles in Sales, Client Service and Operations Management where she coached her teams to success with one core value driving the way - providing an Exceptional Client Experience.


A self-imposed limit of spending no more than 5 years in Toronto soon became 20 years and Carolyn cannot imagine being anywhere else! Transitioning into Real Estate and with experience leading the Operations of a top Toronto real estate team led Carolyn to combine her drive and passion to all things real estate. As your GTA Realtor, Carolyn leads with Transparency, Integrity, and the Desire to help!


Carolyn loves spending time with her young nieces, enjoys hiking, laying on a beach anywhere, cleaning (yes really), loves cheesecake, a great burger and claims she makes the best Caesars around - oh, and of course, travelling.

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