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Emilie Banks,
Real Estate Agent

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A native of Ottawa Ontario, I moved to Toronto 15 years ago.  A city filled with diverse neighborhoods and determined individuals aligned with my goals and aspirations.  I was employed by a high-end department store and was transferred to Toronto and hired in a world-class shopping center where my exceptional customer service skills improved.  In addition, I managed a mobile beauty business throughout the Greater Toronto Area where I honed in on my self-management, self-discipline, and money management skills.   A month prior to my enrollment in college to obtain my real estate license, I found out that I was pregnant.  Knowing this, I saw the opportunity to make a positive change and create a greater life for my family and me.  Three months after receiving my real estate license and joining the Keller Williams Advantage Realty brokerage,  I was determined to find a powerful team where I could present and develop my skills further, so I joined The Carol Foderick Group.


Working alongside a dedicated team of agents, marketers, transaction coordinators, brokers, interior decorators, operations coordinators and third-party professionals, I can help individuals and families, who wouldn't have thought owning a home was possible, move into their dream home.

I desire to be the agent who can assist families elevate themselves to the next income tier.  


Outside of the hours dedicated to helping clients and my personal development as a real estate agent, I enjoy spending time with my family, I value physical fitness and nutrition as well as social engagements.  My goals are to grow into a trusted, well-known real estate advisor with an ever-growing database of clients. I want to grow my business year-over-year because of my exceptional customer service skills, outgoing personality, fresh ideas, hustle, and attention to detail that will set me apart from other agents in the industry!

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